Monthly Archive: May, 2013

Going to Kia-Ora School

I went to the Kia-Ora State School. It was a two teacher, two classroom school. I started straight into grade one. Never a day of kindergarten or any sort of warm up at… Continue reading

Growing up on Webster Road

I was born in 1952. My father owned a small agricultural farm in Webster Road, Goomboorian. He grew pawpaws (that is how it was spelt in those days). He also grew beans in… Continue reading

Restaurants in Mary Street

Gympie now boasts many restaurants guaranteed to supply a fine dining experience. Many years ago Tobin’s Cafe in Mary Street was hailed as the place to go for morning or afternoon tea or… Continue reading

Cullinanes Plaza

After reading yet another article about supermarket rage, parking rage, trolley rage and whatever else sort of rage I began to recall when I was a young girl (some 50 years ago) about… Continue reading

Biddle Engraved Horns

Peter Biddle immigrated to Australia in 1865 landing in Maryborough.  In 1870 the family came to Gympie and Peter entered into the butchering trade.  The family story states that he had these bullock… Continue reading