Woolooga Lane

My Grandmother’s name was Elizabeth Ann Thefs and she married Carl Ludwig Taebke. Carl Taebke migrated to Queensland from Pomerania which was part of Prussia and has since been divided between Germany and Poland.

A few years after they were married he was employed as a miner at the Great Southeastern Mine, where he mined for gold.

In later years she lived in Woolooga Lane. Where she would live for many years after her husband died of Miners Typhus in 1933. This was one of the many illnesses that the miners suffered from. She was given a small amount of compensation. I can remember my Grandmother getting cheques for 10 shillings quite regularly. This was in addition, to her old age pension and was quite welcome as money was often very tight.

She was a well-known entity in Woolooga. Many of the residences of Woolooga still remember “Granny Taebke” as she was called by the local residents.