Daniel Budd Skyring 1804-1882

Budd Skyring
Daniel Budd Skyring

Daniel Budd Skyring was the son of Zachariah Skyring and his wife Mary (Tyzack) of London. He came from a family well-known as builders and surveyors who had also published an annual gazette from 1810 “Skyring’s Builders Prices and Specifications”. Daniel and his family were believed to have come to Australia over a disagreement with his parents on his marriage to Ellen Lavinia Dunn, whose father was a horse doctor in Manchester. Daniel and Esther arrived in Sydney aboard the “Esther” on the 12th July 1833 having left Kensington, London in February of that year with their three children, Eliza born 26th October 1826, Zachariah born 16th January 1828 and Daniel born 27th July 1829.

Initially it was said that Daniel was employed as a supervisor of Brick Work, Quarries and Government Buildings in the employment of the Imperial Government for some years. Buildings recorded as being built in this era were many of the stone cottages and stone and brick shops near the quay and about York and Sussex Streets. Daniel had a keen sense of business and his interests were varied, being recorded as a brick layer in Market Street, connections with the brick kilns and quarry at where Redfern Railway Station is now located, a tailor’s shop in Goulbourn Street prior to moving to manage the Elswick Estate off Parramatta Road, in the Shire of Petersham, owned by James Norton, a prominent solicitor.

Moreton Bay settlement (now Brisbane) was declared a free settlement in 1842 and Daniel was drawn to investigating a move to Moreton Bay having made two trips prior to chartering the “Wanderer”. For the voyage he took merchandise with which to open a store, two cows and a bull, as well as the family goods and chattels including a piano. On arrival in the Moreton Bay settlement in 1844, Daniel and Ellen now had six children and were one of the first free settlers there.

They continued to prosper and diversify with Ellen and her two older daughters, Eliza and Mary Ann running the “Ready Money Beehive Store” while the two older boys, Zachariah Senior and Daniel Junior in conjunction with their mother, established a dairy farm at Kedron (a Brisbane Suburb) on land purchased by Daniel Senior. He purchased further land in 1852 under the “New Systems Title Act” which put him under the protection of “The Real Properties Act.”

The land purchased in 1844 was described as Eastern Suburban Allotment 3 and 4 and consisted of two acres each at a cost of £2 each. It was located facing Kemp Place (which he already owned) and together with allotment 5 he planted an orchard, pineapples and grapes which he shipped by cutter to Sydney. “All Hallows Convent” now stands on allotments 3,4 and 5. In 1948 Daniel was granted, from the Crown, title to nine blocks in North Brisbane, one of which was land at the corner of Edward and Queen Streets and title to Eastern Suburban Allotment 59, of twenty four acres.

Daniel’s great granddaughter Miss Joyce Skyring recounts an unsubstantiated account that a 100 year old descendant of his brother, Zachariah said that his family in London had asked him, Daniel Budd Skyring, to return, but he refused.

Daniel Budd Skyring died on the 21st of February 1882 at Ann Street, Brisbane. He was aged 78 years and had spent 49 years of his life in Australia, the last 39 years in Queensland and his occupation was listed as Gentleman. His wife Ellen Lavinia Skyring (Nee Dunn) had died aged 59 years on the 27th of July 1863 at Fortitude Valley and the death certificate identified that Daniel’s place of residence at that time was also Fortitude Valley.  Living children at that time were Eliza 37 yrs., Zachariah 35 yrs., Daniel 34 yrs., Mary Ann 29 yrs., Thomas 23 yrs., George 19 yrs., Henry Albert 17 yrs. and Charles Frederick 15 yrs. There were also 1 male and 3 females deceased.


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