Unveiling of the Nash Memorial

James Nash Memorial. GT 6 Mar 1915
The Gympie Times, Saturday 6 March 1915

The ceremony of the unveiling of the Nash Memorial was held on Saturday 6 March 1915 outside the Gympie Town Hall. It was also a functional water drinking fountain. It was moved to the Reef St Monkland St corner of Memorial Park when the intersection of the Fiveways was realigned and upgraded. Money had been raised for the Memorial from Gympie residents.

(2) Opening of James Nash Memorial at Town Hall 1913

James Nash Memorial. 6 March 1915 Photo

The Gympie Times, Thursday 21 January 1915


From J. Petrie and Son, with reference to the site and foundation of the Nash Memorial.

The Mayor said that a site for the Memorial had been selected on the Town Hall reserve and on behalf of the Council he had accepted a contract for £5 to put in the concrete foundation.

On the motion of Ald. Thomas seconded by Ald. Weller it was resolved that the action of the Mayor be endorsed. Ald. Ramsey moved that the Council grant permission to erect the memorial on the Town Hall reserve. Ald. Weller seconded the motion which was carried.

Money had been raised for the Memorial from Gympie residents. You can find out more on Trove at http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspapers

Read the Gympie Times newspaper from 1915 on Trove:  http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/188403958/19170183

This sandstone and marble monument was relocated, in April 1939, from storage in Deans
Stonemasons to Memorial Park. The upper part with sandstone urn and finials was not
included, nor the drinking fountain function.

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