Floods in Gympie – 1955

Floods in Gympie – 1955
We can’t go past March without showcasing at least one flood in Gympie’s history. This one was in 1955.
1955 Atlantic Hotel cnr Monkland and Mary Streets
1955 Flood, Mary Street taken from Cullinanes looking back towards Monkland Street. KWC
1955 Flood Ashford Hill and Rd from Cresent Rd
1955 Flood Brisbane Rd
1955 Flood Clean Up
Information from the BOM we site states “Heavy flooding in the Burdekin River submerged the Inkerman Bridge from 23rd February to 29th March. Clare reported a peak ( second highest on record ) on 19th. Sharp flooding of all coastal streams on the central and north coast occurred during 17th to 19th when additional rainfalls of 200 to 500mm were reported. Further north the streams flowing into Princess Charlotte Bay experienced floods which were claimed to be unequalled in the history of the white man.
The second cyclone brought serious floods to the South Coast Moreton from 27th to 30th. Rainfalls of 250 to 500mm over the Mary Valley resulted in the worst floods experienced there this century. A peak at Gympie on 28th was the highest since 1898 , and flooded the main street of Gympie to a depth of some 3 metres. Houses were washed away, crops were severely damaged , and as yet the full damage has not been assessed. Peak heights at Tiaro and Maryborough were the second highest on record . This was below the disastrous 1893 flood.” BOM

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