Boxing in Gympie

At 21 years of age Con Russell claimed the Australian featherweight belt at Festival Hall in Brisbane on July 13, 1969.

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This Seven Network video shows Con Russell at training in Gympie in 1969. Visit here (YouTube)

We also have another video of boxing training in Gympie. Visit here (YouTube)

Originally a news broadcast on Wide Bay Television.
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The Gympie Times ran a pre-match article.

Can Russell win title, Gympie Times, Saturday 7 June 1969 page 2

The Gympie Times ran an article about Con Russell’s win in Brisbane.

Russell takes national title, Gympie Times Saturday 14 June 1969 page 1

In 2019 The Gympie Times revisited and article about Con Russell and his win on Con’s 21st birthday.

When Con did us proud – Gympie Times Saturday 15 June 2019 page 5
Another win for Russell, Gympie Times Tuesday, 3 September 1968 page 2