Imbil Show and Rodeo 1966

Take a trip back in time as we have a look at the Imbil Show and Rodeo in 1966.

Click here to view the Imbil show and rodeo 1966 video (YouTube).

Click here to view the Imbil rodeo in 1966 (YouTube)

Originally a news broadcast on Wide Bay Television.
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Imbil Show and Rodeo 1966

In March the Mary Valley Show Society met to plan the Imbil Show and Rodeo for September.

Mary Valley show society annual meeting, Gympie Times, Thursday 17 March, 1966 page 10

A Gympie Times article that shows what is going on around the Imbil region in 1966.

Preparing for Imbil rodeo, Gympie Times Thursday 12 May 1966, page 7
Everything is ready for Imbil Show, Gympie Times, Thursday 1 Sept 1966, pg 9

The Gympie Times ran articles in the lead up and on the day of the Imbil Show.

Today is Imbil’s big day, Gympie Times, Saturday 3 Sept 1966, pg 1

What’s a show without produce?

Imbil show awards, Gympie Times, Saturday 3 September, 1966, page 3

What’s a show without people?

Imbil Show 1966

How about the new Holden or Vauxhall car from Madills? The Show was always the place to see the latest farm equipment, the latest cars and latest technology.

The 1966 Imbil Show and Rodeo was a success with near-record gate takings.

Near record gate at Imbil rodeo, Gympie Times, Tuesday 6 Sept 1966, pg 3