Nashville Diggings, Mary Street

This charming illustration was published in the Illustrated Sydney News (11 July 1868, p. 5). It was inspired by a photo (shown below) of Mary Street, originally taken in February 1868 by Christopher Moore (of Maryborough). Of note are the signage of some of the businesses: Merry and Davies, Melbourne Hotel (R. Fulton) and the Prince of Wales Theatre.

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View of Nashville Diggings, Queensland, from photo by Mr C. Moore, of Maryborough
Early Mary Street Gympie, ca 1868. Photo C. H. Moore (Keith Waser Collection, Gympie Regional Libraries)

The following article describing “Nashville” also appeared in the same edition of Illustrated Sydney News, Saturday 11 July 1868, page 3:

Illustrated Sydney News, 11 July 1868, page 3