Mary River Diggings

This year we commemorate 154 years since James Nash’s gold claim on 16 October 1867 and the establishment of the Gympie Goldfield. Take a look at this incredibly insightful article below, written by J. A. Lewis, Inspector of Police, reporting on the “Mary River Diggings”, also known as the “Gympie Creek Goldfields”.

The Brisbane Courier, 14 November 1867, page 2

You can read more about the history of the Gympie Goldifelds by downloading the free book “The Gympie Goldfield: 1867-2008” by John Ferguson and Elaine Brown

Authors John Ferguson and Elaine Brown tell the full story of one of Australia’s most productive goldfields and celebrate Gympie’s role as the town that saved Queensland.

Richly illustrated, and painstakingly researched, this book describes the growth of the local community, explores the prosperous eras of alluvial mining, shallow reefing and deep reefing, and discusses modern efforts to revive gold production.

In 2010, this book received a National Trust of Queensland Bendigo Bank Heritage Award.

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