Write Your Historic Story

Australian Heritage Festival 2022

As part of the Australian Heritage Festival 2022 we invited residents of the Gympie Area to write a short story about living here. The story could be set in the past, future or today, it can be real or fictional, as long as it is set in the Gympie Region. The story has a 700 word maximum and has been added to the blog so others may read the story.

All opinions expressed in the stories are those of the author and do not reflect the views of Gympie Regional Council.

Read the authors’ biography and stories below.

Craig Mathisen

Craig Mathisen is a Life Member of Gympie Apex Club and self-appointed Muster Historian. He has been involved in every Muster, more recently as a compere in his favourite venue, the Blues Bar.

In 2018, while researching a ‘gold rush era’ name for a potential new Muster venue he discovered Gympie’s local brewery history.  He developed a community idea to establish Queensland’s first co-operative owned historic craft brewery in Gympie, but CoVID stalled the idea.  Craig  maintains the website at www.loco-brew.co (short for Local Community Brewing Co-operative) and hopes the dream will become reality one day.

Read Craig’s Short Story here

Betty Rimmington

Elizabeth Rimmington is a Queensland author with four published novels to her credit. Following a career in nursing and several years driving a taxi, Elizabeth uses her storehouse of memories to inform and enrich her stories of rural life and Queensland’s history.

Read Betty’s Short Story here

Mary Street, Gympie c1868

Desiree Moore

After visiting friends in the Gympie region, my partner and I discovered a property out of town that we both fell in love with in 2003, moved in seven years later and still enjoy the flora and fauna.

As a volunteer at a local primary school I enjoyed assisting children, who couldn’t initially read or apply Maths at the standard required. I was ecstatic that some of those students had gone well beyond, as their confidence improved.

I enjoy attending the library’s Writers’ group via the monthly workshops, and treasure the support of those who attend.

Read Desiree’s Short Story here

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