Variety Alcove, Mary Street, Gympie

Take a look at the amazing things on offer at the Variety Alcove in Mary Street, Gympie (possibly the Lower Mary end near Fiveways). It was run in the 1940’s and 1950’s (perhaps even into the 1960’s) by two Salvation Army ladies, Irene Smith and Maisie Rudd with freshly baked treats, locally grown produce, sweets and medicines.

1943 Electoral Roll

Some of the things we can spot are: ETA Brand Salted Peanuts, well stocked on ex and Aspro, local produce of potatoes, pumpkins, beans, pineapples.

What can you see?

Photo donated by E. Smerdon. Gympie Regional Libraries
The Gympie Times, 23 May 1950

If you remember or have anything to share about the Variety Alcove, please get in touch with us at Gympie Regional Libraries.