Amelia Louisa Skyring (nee Sparks)

Amelia Louisa Skyring (nee Sparks) was born in Sydney in 1841. When she was 17 years old she married Zachariah Skyring Senior on 29th September 1858 at St John’s Anglican Church in Brisbane.… Continue reading

The Nashville Times

The first edition of the Nashville Times and Mary River Mining Gazette was released on the 15 February, 1868.The title was later changed to Gympie Times and Mary River Mining Gazette on 17… Continue reading

Curtis Nugget

The Curtis Nugget was found on 6th February in 1868. It was the largest nugget found on the goldfields. Have a read of the article from the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin. Curtis Nugget Further… Continue reading

Gympie in Flood

Many of Gympie’s biggest floods took place during the early part of the year. The 1893 flood which was the biggest on record had 2 flood peaks in early-mid February a week apart. Other… Continue reading

Nashville Miner’s Hospital

The Nashville Miner’s Hospital was founded on 31 January in 1868. The hospital was paid for through subscription collected from the community. We have found a series of article from the Nashville Times in… Continue reading

Surface Hill Methodist Church, Gympie

The foundation stone for the Surface Hill Methodist Church was laid on 30 January 1890. Some notable Gympie people of the time who attended were Matthew Mellor (MLA) and Major Ferguson (Mayor). The architect… Continue reading

Nelson Reserve, Gympie

We wanted to share a few images of Nelson Reserve in Gympie, including an 1888 survey map. This content is a part of G150: Celebrating 150 years of Gympie.

Natone Shipwreck off Rainbow Beach 1959

Natone Shipwreck off Rainbow Beach 1959.  The Natone was previously called the Wyatt Earp and had been to the Antarctic.  It was shipwrecked on its way down the coast from Lae in New… Continue reading

Northumberland Hotel, Gympie

The majestic Northumberland Hotel was destroyed by fire on 21st January, 1969.  This was the second version of the Northumberland Hotel which was licensed from 14 January 1868.  Council Planning Offices now occupy… Continue reading

Dentistry in Gympie in 1888

For those that are frightened of modern dentists, how about letting the visiting dentist extract your tooth? We found an advert for a “painless” dentist in the Gympie Times in 1888. This content… Continue reading