Scottish Gympie Gold Mine photograph

Can you help identify anyone is this photograph???

Published in 2009 “The Gympie Goldfield 1867-2008” was written by John Ferguson and Dr Elaine Brown.

John and Elaine went into a great deal of research for the book, but one image has John on a quest to discover the names of the men in the photo. John does realise that there is no way to name them all but is hoping that the dignitaries may be able to be identified.

The photo was taken on 16 June 1900. It appeared in the Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser Sat 7 July 1900, pg 3. The photo below is from the State Library of Queensland – the man on the far right (cut out) has been possibly identified as Mr Andrew Fisher (later Prime Minister of Australia).

Representative gathering of mining men at the starting of the new winding plant, Scottish Gympie Gold Mine.

You can see who we think is Andrew Fisher a bit better in an article from Sydney Mail titled Gympie and some of its gold mines”.

From articles in the Gympie Times John knows some names that had attended that day.

NAMEAffiliation with SG.
           Confirmed in Pressor Representing
BOASE,Gympie Miner.
BROWN, JamesPres. Mine Mang Assoc, MM 4NP
GREEN,Sub-contractor, erection
KENNEDYSydney Mail
LAIRD, Mathew,General manager SGGM.
PARKINSONMining Warden, started machinary.
POWER, F. I.prominent Co Director
RAMSAY,Gympie Times.
SMITH T.Mining Manager SG.
TEBBUTTSub-contractor ,
WILSONRep. of Walkers Ltd, Maryborough
Round the mines – Scottish Gympie – Gympie Times Sat 23 June 1900, page 2
Scottish Gympie Gold Mine presentation to the general manager – Gympie Times Tues 26 June 1900, pg 3

John also has copies of photos showing mining managers of around that time with names.

Mine Managers, with Names 1900 [Bond photo]
Mine Managers with Names, 1895 [Bevan photo]

If you can help identify anyone in the Scottish Mine photo, please tell us. Phone 54810859 or email

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