Richard Cox, Mayor and Hotelier

Mr Richard H. Cox was the mayor of Gympie from 1911-1912 and owned the Apollonian Hotel at Apollonian Vale in Gympie.

Richard Cox, Mayor of Gympie (Gympie Family History Society)
Apollonian Hotel

Mr Richard Cox owned the Apollonian Hotel at Apollonian Vale in Gympie. It boasted a fine music hall in which his daughter, Miss Mabel Cox performed and taught music students. The license application was granted for the Apollonian Hotel to Richard H Cox on the 4 April 1890. The Cox family leased the hotel from Ashbury Bright who went to live I South Yarra, Melbourne from 1890 to 1921. Maria Asbury died in 1921 and Percy Cox, son of R.H. Cox bought the hotel from her estate. Richard H. Cox applied and received the license for the hotel each year until his death in 1922. His son, Percy Henry Cox ran the hotel until 1935. 

We are honoured to be the custodians of the Mabel Cox collection which includes letters belonging to Richard Cox.

The collection include cards and letters sent to Mr Cox on becoming the Mayor of Gympie.

Card – Christmas card from Mt Morgan Council
Card – Council City of Townsville 1911
Card – Good luck – from Alderman

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