Nestle factory

Nestle Factory
Nestle Factory

The entertainment industry is a multi- billion dollar concern today. We have i-pods, i-phones, i-pads and many more gadgets that seem to start with the letter “i”, mainly i want.

When I was a young girl some 50 odd years ago, the highlight of my week would not be watching a movie, playing a computer game, tweeting, texting or keeping up to date on my facebook page.

It would be on a Sunday evening just on dusk when my father would take us out to the car park at the Nestle factory to watch the milk/cream cans go round. Sounds incredible doesn’t it?

We would watch the farm trucks back up to the conveyor belt and unload can after can. These cans would than slowly circle around the conveyer belt as a man dressed all in white with a white cap on his head and a rubber mallet in his hand would tap the can, remove the lid and sniff. Yes that’s right. Sniff. Depending on the result of that sniff, the can would either be removed from the conveyor or continue on its way through the divided plastic curtain into the factory. Occasionally there was even more excitement if something was actually removed from the can, for example a frog or worse. It certainly made for fascinating viewing and is a memory I fondly recollect.

By Dianne