Remember when …

Remember when you turned 17 that the most important thing to do was to go to the Police Station to get your Learner’s Permit. Remember how it wasn’t much later (I think 14 days) when you then went out with a Police Officer to get your Licence.

Remember when Mary Street was two -way traffic with parking on both sides of the street as well. Remember when it was a given that to get your Driver’s Licence you would have to be able to stop and start on Carlton Hill and execute a reverse park in Mary Street. Remember the parking bay that was situated just before Cullinane’s Building which was basically in a corner like a dog leg really with quite a roll away into the gutter. Remember how many times the Police (and not a Department of Transport employee) would ask you to use that bay for your test. Remember how many were foiled by that parking bay.

It is interesting that today, when Mary Street is one-way traffic only with many parking bays being drive-in only, our learners are not taken by the Driving Schools to complete a reverse park in Mary Street. It is considered to be too busy to take learners into the street because they will hold up the traffic.

By Dianne