Hall of Memory, Goomeri

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Source: John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Negative No: 193792.

Hall of Memory - opening (article image for blog)

The Hall of Memory at Goomeri was opened on 28 July 1926.

WIELAND, Myrtle - Popular Girl Competition Winner, Goomeri Hall of Memory, Maryborough Chronicle 30 April 1930, p. 13
Miss Myrtle Wieland, winner of “Popular Girl” competition. Maryborough Chronicle, 30 April 1930, p. 13

The hall was built as a community space in honour and commemoration of those who served in World War I from the district. Since then, it has become a place of honour and dedication for all who served in subsequent wars.

The hall was also leased as a picture theatre which ensured a regular income. Firstly, to Mr A. Rich who brought his silent picture show to the hall from Boonara. Mrs Rich held a sweet stall under the hall.

The central porch contains a ticket box which is accessed by a door in the hall, and flanked by entry doors into the hall. The dance floor is made of crow’s ash.

Fundraisers were held from 1927 at the hall to help clear the debts and to enable purchasing of furniture, crockery and other items for the hall. These included:

  • concerts and balls
  • sports days and processions
  • popular girl competitions  (one in particular was won by Ms Myrtle Wieland, who was one of the theatre pianists)
BLOG Hall of Memory Goomeri - Debuntante's 1930's
Source: John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Negative No: 149719

In 1929, it was announced that the debt of 844 pounds was cleared.

In 1931 a large dining area with a kitchen was added. This room was also used for meetings and small functions.

Mr A Duffy was also a lessee of picture shows and he held a long lease on the hall. He also acted as caretaker, installing electricity and equipment to enable the show of “talkies”.  He installed CinemaScope in the 1940’s (and was one of the first operators in the country to do so).

The demand for film shows dropped significantly in the 1950’s, and were only showing once a week at the Hall of Memory before eventually being completely discontinued in the lat 1950’s. The hall continued to be used for many other events.

1971: The then, Kilkivan Shire Council accepts responsibility for the hall at the Trustee’s request. Kitchens are modernised and a bar and cold room are installed at the end of the hall.

1991: The RSL kitchenette is modernised.

1995:  It is thought that the hall was re-roofed at this time.

Fancy Dress Ball, 1930's Hall of Memory, JOL Negative 149719
Fancy Dress Ball, Hall of Memory, Goomeri – 1930’s (Source: John Oxley Library,  State Library of Queensland, Negative No: 149719)