Gympie’s first Kindergarten

“Gympie was one of the first provincial centres in Queensland to begin and maintain a Kindergarten, stated Mrs. Owen Jones, president of the Queensland Creche and Kindergarten Association, at the official opening of the Gympie Kindergarten in the Red Hill Presbyterian Hall last week. The picture shows the official party performing the ceremony. Left to Right: Mrs A. H Marshall, Davenport (Victoria), Mr T. Dunstan, M.L.A and Mrs Dunstan, Mrs Jones, the Mayor (Ald. R. N. Witham), Mrs S. E. Warriner (President, Gympie Kindergarten Committee), Mrs Witham, and Miss Stamp (President, Kindergarten College).

-The Gympie Times, Saturday, 11 June 1949

GT, 11 Jun 1949, p. 1 - First kindergarten in Gympie
The Gympie Times, Saturday, 11 June 1949