Surface Hill Church – Centenary Celebrations

Surface Hill Wesleyan Methodist Church, Channon Street, Gympie, circa 1900. Erected in 1890 at a cost of three thousand and one hundred thirty-seven pounds, sixteen shillings and fivepence, this building replaced an earlier wooden structure built in 1869. The newly built brick church was opened on the 7th August 1890, with a dedication service being conducted by Rev. J.A. Nolan. The building was designed by architect Hugo Wilhelm Durietz. In 1937, a stone wall was built by relief labour to replace the wooden fence along the frontages of Reef and Channon Streets. (Information from Head, M.J., Surface Hill – the brick church). This brick church was officially opened on the 7th August 1890.

Surface Hill Wesleyan Church Architect Hugo Durietz

In 1968 celebrated a Centenary of Methodists at the Church. A procession was held and buildings no longer standing in Gympie can be seen in the procession. To view the procession, visit here (YouTube).

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The Gympie Times ran several articles about the celebration including the construction of a replica “first church” made out of bark.

First church was constructed from bark – Surface Hill Church – Gympie Times Thursday 30 July 1968 page 3
Methodists First church – Gympie Times Saturday 3 August 1968 page 2

An article from the Gympie Times documents the day, with Mr Keith Watson as a town crier calling the procession to start.

Methodists celebrate their century – Gympie Times Tuesday 6 August 1968 page 1
Portrayed Gympie’s First Mayor – Surface Hill Church – Gympie Times, Tuesday 6 August 1968, pg. 3
The past is recaptured – Surface Hill Church – Gympie Times, Tuesday 6 August 1968, pg 1

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Below is the Surface Hill Church as it appears today – August 2020

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