The Smyth Medal

Source: The Gympie Times and Mary River Mining Gazette

The Smyth Medal was awarded to school children in honour of Mr William Smyth, MLA.

Mr Smyth was one of Gympie’s successful (wealthiest) men from his career as mayor and alderman, mine manager, investor and company director (1). Smyth died in 1899 however after his death, his wife, Ellen donated (2) and presented gold Smyth Medals to the best overall proficient boy and girl (in only the fourth, fifth and sixth class grades) at three Gympie schools, annually from 1900 to 1917: Monkland, Central Boys and Girls, and One Mile Boys and Girls schools.

In 1909, at the Monkland School end of year breakup, Mayor Burbidge presented Smyth awards and requested three hearty cheers for each (3).

Medal of Esther Lilian Smith, Monkland School award recipient, 1901.
Donated to Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum by Mrs M. Poulson.
Source: Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum (4)

The medal itself were 15ct gold and weighed almost half an ounce (4).

The prestigious award was at times, contentious among parents, with Head Mistress Ms Hood of One Mile Girls School often having to explain or alleviate “anxious” or agitated parents. In 1907, Hood (5) had to alleviate worries via a letter to the editor in The Gympie Times and Mary River Mining Gazette about a recipient being over the age limit. Again in 1908, Ms Hood wrote and addressed (6) confusion over the Smyth Medal examinations, which in turn received replies in further editions of the newspaper (7) (8).

The Smyth Medallist Recipients – One Mile, Monkland (Central School~ in progress)

YearBoys – One Mile Girls – One MileBoys – MonklandGirls – MonklandBoys – CentralGirls – Central
1900Wilfred J. TrudgianWinifred LloydMarcus GrealyFlorence VenningJohn FrameFlorence Bradshaw
1901George BrownIda AngroveWilliam WellerEsther Lilian SmithRoy MillarAda Dobbs
1902Joseph H. CorleyJane FlemingHugh CarrollMinnie FinchErnest AmbroseIda Pilcher
1903Francis Jennings HudsonKathleen KilleenStuart ScougalEdith E. SmithH. JenkinsAgnes Conwell
1904Andrew AndersonJessie RoweThomas A. SmithMary ReidJames CavayeFrances E. Bradshaw
1905Archie LoosemoreAlice BeckW. W. EricksonElsie YoungerCyril MitchellGladys Davies
1906Alf LoosemoreGrace BrownMatt McMahonFanny GriffinWilliam McNicolSylvia Burbidge? (tbc)
1907Alfred Percy GoughM. RichardsThomas RitchieElsie HealyWilliam KayMabel McFie
1908Cyril DeaconEdith McKenzieJohn BrooksDolly McIntoshGeorge M. WaddellEthel Neal
1909Jas (James). L. GrahamEthel M. BauerRudolph PowerGwen JamesKenneth MacCallumStella Richmond
1910Herb Kaeshagennot published, unknownThomas HoneymanLena CorkEdwin FosterEdith Stitt
1911C. AuchterlonieEva McFaddenJames FlorenceBella VenningPeter GreenAmy Draper
1912H. GoldsworthyNellie GrahamW. B. FlorenceMay WintourWilliam Henry KellyDorothy Harris
1913G. HughesFlorence BrownJ. SaundersGwen WilliamsWalter FosterEvelyn/Eveline Cundith
1914Wm. (William) DaviesElsie McCormackBrinley R. WilliamsMarie K. ArnellGeorge HenryDoris Sanday
1915Fred BauerBeryl KingEdward HeinigerHelena BroeBlair BoddingtonEttie Dunstan
1916Andrew BrownMay DeeSam WellerRose HeinigerC. J. NashMerle Sedgman
1917Thos. (Thomas) MilfullElsie BradleyJack HughesJessie TurnerStanley D. TraillThelma Thurecht
Source: One Mile State School 75th, 100th & 125th anniversary books. Monkland State School 75th anniversary book, 1959, The Gympie Times and Mary River Mining Gazette published results.


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