CMF exercise at Tin Can Bay

In March 1966 the Citizen Military Force held exercises at the Tin Can Bay training area.

700 citizen soldiers from South-East Queensland and northern New South Wales, moved into the Tin Can Bay area. They belong to 25th Infantry Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment.

CMF soldiers at Tin Can Bay, March 1966 (snapshot from video)

Click here to view a video of the exercises at Tin Can Bay in 1966.

Originally a news broadcast on Wide Bay Television.
This film was originally produced by WBQ 8 and was reproduced as 7 Extract from the Archives project. The project was supported by an innovation grant from the Library Board of Queensland.
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Read an article from the Gympie Times March 1966.

Big C.M.F. exercise at Tin Can Bay, Gympie Times, Thursday 10 March, 1966 page 1

More about the CMF Citizen Military Force

A reserve military force has been in Australia since prior to Federation. At Federation, in 1901, the CMF, Citizen Military Force, was formed. In 1980 the official name, Australian Army Reserve was adopted.

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Defence (Citizen Military Forces) Act 1943 (NO. 2, 1943)

During WW2 the Defence (Citizen Military Forces) Act 1943 was enacted and the militia were obliged to serve for the duration of the war.

Defence (Citizen Military Forces) Act 1943 (NO. 2, 1943)

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