Palm trees at Town Hall, Gympie

Then and Now
September 1992 and November 2020

My, how they’ve grown!

On 16 September 1992, several Alexandria Palms were planted during landscaping works in front of Gympie’s Town Hall at Fiveways, in Nash’s Gully at the foot of Calton, Caledonian and Palatine Hills. They join the James Nash memorial, a time capsule and flagpole, all still remaining to this day. The Town Hall surroundings have seen much change over its lifetime.

Town Hall looking down Mellor Street, Gympie, ca 1900
Read about the unveiling of the original James Nash monument in 1915
Read about the history of the Gympie Town Hall … Gympie Town Hall Booklet

The Gympie Town Hall was officially opened on 4 March 1891 and the first Council meeting held on that date with John L. Matthews as Mayor.The booklet outlines the history of the Gympie Town Hall and the baby clinic on Mellor Street.

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The Gympie Times, 17 September 1992