Mothar Mountain Speedway

The Mothar Mountain Speedway began in the early 1960s. According to Speedway and Road Race History it was a challenging track.

The video was originally a WBQ8 news clip and while the sound has been lost you can get an idea of how noisy the cars and motorcycles would have been – and how dusty.

Originally a news broadcast on Wide Bay Television. This film was originally produced by WBQ 8 and was reproduced as 7 Extract from the Archives project. The project was supported by an innovation grant from the Library Board of Queensland. © 2020 Seven Network and Gympie Regional Libraries

From public feedback through Facebook, some of the people in the video have been identified. Please let us know if any information is incorrect, or if you know anything else we can add.

Mothar Mountain speedway – car on track – Bob Robertson driver
Mothar Mountain speedway – Gympie 6 – from left Ray Stallen, Eric Stallen (back to us), Kev Spiller (with hat), Des Brunges (on fence)
Mothar Mountain speedway – Frank Watson (with cigarette) Alan Gate (striped shirt)