Woolooga Post Office Store

Photos of the inside of the Woolooga Post Office store were taken by Isaac Tarbit (Ike Tarbit). Kindly donated to Gympie Regional Libraries by his daughter.

Isaac Tarbit Junior (b. 1903) came to to the Woolooga district with Joseph William Johnstone and his wife Margaret (sister of Isaac Tarbit). Joe and family stayed on the estate (and eventually took over the Woolooga Post Office Store) when Isaac and family eventually moved to Brisbane. The following photos of the store were taken in 1921 when Isaac was working in Woolooga. At that time the Post Office Store was known as “Chamberlain’s store”.

The Grocery counter:

Woolooga Post Office Store, December 1921, Photo by Isaac Tarbit

The Lolly and Soft Drink side:

Woolooga Post Office Store, August 1921, Photo by Isaac Tarbit
The Gympie Times, 15 August 1925
The Catholic Advocate, Brisbane, 2 June 1927