Snapper Creek vs Schnapper Creek

It is a lovely little spot at Tin Can Bay! But is it Snapper Creek or Schnapper Creek?

Schnapper Creek Murray Views No.9 Postcard

Historically it was called Schnapper Creek, however take a look at a survey plan from 1922 where the ‘ch’ has been crossed out to make it Snapper Creek.

1922 Survey Plan

A small article in the Gympie Times in 1938 appears to confirm it as Schnapper Creek.

Notes & News Schnapper Ck, Gympie Times, Saturday, April 30, 1938 P. 12

According to the Places Name Team at the State Government of Queensland’s Georesources Division, “It appears the name was changed to Snapper Creek sometime between 1931 and 1938. A 1938 survey plan records the name as “Snapper Creek. Unfortunately, we have no record of why the name change occurred.”

1938 survey plan

An article in Cooloola Lifestyle (date unknown) tells us where Snapper may have come from but does not explain how it went from Schnapper to Snapper or vice versa. [We cannot find any official reference to it being named after the vessel].

How Schnapper Creek really got its name, Cooloola Lifestyle

Snapper vs Schnapper! We can only go by the official government documents. Today it is listed as Snapper Creek.