The New Cash Store (A. Schumann)

General Storekeepers/Grocers & Produce Merchants

The New Cash Store opened in early 1914 by Arthur Schumann in Lower Mary Street, Gympie on Allotments 7 & 8, Section G of Mary Street (equivalent of 58-62 Mary Street). It was located next to Murray Studios (Photographer).

The Gympie Times advertisement

Previously, Arthur Schumann had been in partnership with William Henry Ellis in their business “Ellis & Schumann”, which was located on Mellor Street, Gympie. They had bought the business from William’s father, John who announced his retirement in September 1912.

The Gympie Times, 3 September 1912, p 2
The Gympie Times, 19 September 1912, p 2

However, young Ellis and Schumann’s partnership had dissolved on 31 January 1914. It was advertised that the business would be carried on alone by William Henry Ellis.

The Gympie Times, 31 January 1914

Arthur went on to establish his own solo grocer, produce and provisions business, thus “The New Cash Store” was born, with first advertising appearing in The Gympie Times in May 1914, mere months later.

The Gympie Times, 14 May 1914, p 4

In December 1927, The Gympie Times published advertising editorial:

The Gympie Times, 17 December 1927, p 9

Post 1927, on the other side of Schumann’s New Cash Store, J & L (John and Lillian) Cameron, General Drapers, Boots and Millinery built at 64-78 Mary Street. Seen below in the photo with the “Liberty Theatre” sign. Previously J & L Cameron had been operating from Allotment 27 on the opposite side of Mary Street in the ‘Walker’s Building’ from circa 1913/1914).

Murray Views No. 8 (circa 1940’s)

A. Schumann’s ‘The New Cash Store” continued trading into the 1950’s. Circa 1952, Schumann sold the business & building after the passing of his dear wife, Maud. The business & allotment sold to the White family, of the previously known “The People’s Cash Store” owned by John White. The People’s Cash Store had previously traded from Allotments 4 & 5, Section G at the equivalent 78-82 Mary Street, Gympie (just a few doors down from Schumann, with the Cameron’s purchasing this allotment from J. White of the original J White’s Cash Store on 20 July 1927).

Schumann Lane in Gympie is named after Arthur Schumann who resided at equivalent 3 Schumann Lane, which is now part of the St Patrick’s College precinct.

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